Trevor Price Talk at Ochre

I just had to put a note here and some images from a talk I attended recently at Ochre Print Studios in Guildford. The artist was Trevor Price, and he generously spent a good couple of hours talking about his work and demonstrating simplified mono prints for us. It was made more special because I took my Dad along.

Trevor has studios in both St. Ives and London, and is very influenced by the work of Ben Nicholson. He makes a lot of drypoint prints, combining them with photo etching.



Both Dad and I loved the Picasso inspired print, marvelling at the range of marks and the photographic effect of the ‘window’ image of London. The other image here is one of his plates, and shows marks made by a soldering iron and a Dremel power tool in combination with delicate drypoint tools.

Below is another plate, layered with card and dribbled red paint.


He demonstrated mono print, using lighter fluid to get almost marbled effects; layering up strong blue with process magenta and yellow. The stencils are thick acetate images of dancers which he made marks over. The tree is an older print, the intense colours really show his amazing skill in layering images, it was very inspiring to watch him thinking about the marks he made on the spot…




I’m pretty busy settling in to my new job as Art Technician at Alton College. I think it’s no coincidence that this week I’ve been prepping the area by the printing press! There is an Open Evening there on Thursday for prospective students and their parents, it’s a lovely college…


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